Il Team





Ale (Alessandra Cambria)

Date of Birth: 29/06/1982
Sport: Mountain Biking
Now listening to: Calibro35, Dente
In my real life I’m an: Online advertising specialist and ambulance volunteer
I wish I was: Corto Maltese

Ele (Elena Criscuolo)

Date of Birth: 07/04/1987
Sports: Free Climbing, Scuba Diving
Now listening to: 77 Bombay Street, The Fratellis
In my real life I’m an: Biotechnologist
I wish I was: Elizabeth Gilbert

Peyo (Giulia Celentano)

Date of Birth: 21/09/1988
Sports: Snowboard, Capoeira, Surf (in progress)
Now listening to: Bonobo, Fat Freddy’s Drop
In my real life I’m an: Architect
I wish I was: Etta James

Simy (Simona Ioannoni)

Date of Birth: 14/08/1988
Sports: Kitesurfer, Driver 4×4
Now listening to: Danza kuduro, Sweet Dreams
In my real life I’m an: Manager
I wish I was: Lara Croft