news from Kiev (an English post for our stranger friends)

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Hi there!

Big Mamas Team is finally a 4girls team!Alessandra and Elena landed here in Kiev a bunch of hours ago.

But let’s step back to where we left you… after our hard walking day in Budapest, we jumped on our Pandas again. Direction: Ucraina! No problem at all at the 4 custom checks at the border.  The streets were in worst conditions than the Hungarian ones, but still ok! So many trucks on the way.  We surprisingly discovered an amazing supergreen landscapes and beautiful coutryside that pushed us to decide to camp freely in somebody’s land. We looked for a farmhouse with an empty flat land that could host us and, after having tried twice, we finally find our hosts! We placed our tents just behind  the farm and spent the evening with Oleh, one of the sons of the farmer. Great situation but supercold night. We woke up superearly the morning after, ready for a long driving day along Ucraina. Pit stop in L’viv for lunch and a walk around in this lovely city and then ready to jump again of our cars. Road to Rivni, with the aim of finding a camping. We couldn’t find any and the city was nothing nice to us, so we decided to go on in the direction of Kiev, hoping to find a camping on the way. And that’s how suddenly on our left we saw a lake and a LandRover on his bankside. No need to think about it twice and we were already there. The lake was amazing, just behind some beetroots field. All around us there were ducks and cows and only a person there: Nina: a Ucranian nice old lady, smiling with a shiny silver teeth smile and trying to communicate with us in a fast Ucranian, talking about her cow Musa.We set up the camp with our new friends travelling with the old Land Rover, Anna and Michael from Dusseldorf, who were going to Samarcanda and all the way back for a 3 months journey.  They decided to come with us in Kiev the day after. The idea was to finally find a camping (we all wanted a shower, after some days!) around the city. The impact with Kiev has been shocking: peple driving randomly, supertraffic jam at every crossway and no way to find a camping. The only one was in a military area, on a concrete  ground. Well..not really what we expected.. The couple, exausted, decided to stay anyway, since the had the hard camping station (the roof tent. YO!!!) but we prefered looking for a Motel.  The car needed some improvements that the Nomad team was ready to set up for us. One day in Kiev and now here we are: cars ready, people showered and team complete!!

My idea was to write the post in Italian too but the truth is that in 6 1/2 h I will wake up and the days here are long and tiring so.. goodnight guys!

Ready for getting to Russia tomorrow!





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